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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Harmony's first boat ride

I took my 7 month old grand daughter Harmony for her first ride on my drift boat yesterday.  Her parents TJ and Stephanie decided to come along too.

I even rowed smoothly enough for Harmony to be able to take a nap up front

It was another perfect fall day with cool overcast conditions.  TJ got a decent rainbow on a wooley bugger while I busted out my old Sage 9140 brownie for old times sake.  The long rod allowed me to make casts from the rowing seat while not getting hung up on stuff and giving TJ room to cast from the bow.  Of course I fished my skater with confidence, especially in spots that have produced fish in the past, but my internal vision of steelhead coming up to attack my skater never materialized.  Oh well, such is the life of the long suffering surface steelheader - self-inflicted punishment is part of the deal.

All in all, it was a blessed day with my precious little granddaughter, my son TJ, and daughter in law Stephanie.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Steelheading Pics

Since I have not been doing a great job of hooking steelhead lately, I figured to post up some photos which capture the beauty of my favorite steelhead season:

Quiet Places

Craig throwing a long line
Frozen rods at camp

Adrian getting it done with his Reid Cane

Fishing with Craig