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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wild Reverence


View the Wild Reverence trailer and check into movie showings in your area at the site below:

Bill McMillan reported to me via email today that the first showing of Wild Reverence in Olympia this past Saturday was attended by a large audience of 500-600 people, including several folks from the pro-hatchery crowd.   According to Bill:  "The movie touched the emotions of virtually all present with enthused bravos and clapping at the end.  In the Q&A after the movie it was apparent that the audience had largely come to identify with the cause for wild steelhead and its relationship to the future for all of us in the Northwest.  Quite remarkably, one of those from the (pro-hatchery) group stood up and indicated he had come in a pro-hatchery advocate, but that the movie had resulted in his change in opinion.  For a person to stand up and say that in front of 500-600 people was quite remarkable."  Apparently there were several other pro-hatchery folks who afterward also indicated that the movie had changed their view on hatchery steelhead, their harmful effects, and the need to better protect wild steelhead.

I encourage all of us to watch the movie when a showing comes near you or the movie can be purchased in DVD form for viewing at home:

Thanks to Shane Anderson in completing this monumental work in the name of protecting wild steelhead.  Congratulations Shane,  Wild Reverence is making a great impact!

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