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Sunday, June 21, 2015


When I evaluate my time spent astream, I realize that I spend A LOT of time fishing alone. In fact I spend the great majority of my time on the water fishing alone and actually don't mind it. Either I'm a very difficult person to deal with or just happens my fishing buddies' schedules just don't mesh with mine very often - I hope that is the case anyway.

I know that I fish "opportunistically", ie., I often get to fish on a moment's notice as the family schedule unexpectedly clears or my better half kindly encourages me to get out as she notices that my mind seems to be on other things like how fall is the best time of year to get steelhead on the surface.

Don't get me wrong, I love fishing with my fishing friends when I have the opportunity, but if no one can go when I can, it doesn't stop me. When I fish alone, I can fish at my own pace, whether I feel like rushing through water, taking it slow, stopping on the bank to take breaks, take pics, pray, or just take in God's creation as I feel led. Sometimes I just look around and can't help but feel incredibly grateful to be able to experience all the blessings that come through fly fishing for steelhead.

As I look at my fishing pics, thankfully, there are not many pics of ME holding fish! My collection of fishing pics mostly depict my solitary fishing experiences occasionally peppered with pics of my friends holding steelhead.

Of course, one has to take reasonable safety precautions when fishing alone like being alert and mindful of your surroundings, using prudent judgement about where you are fishing, and being prepared for any mishaps that could happen out on the water.

Despite the potential pitfalls, I continue to fish solo the great majority of the time and find my solitary ventures to be a necessary part of maintaining my mental balance in the midst of working a very stressful job and as my way of connecting with nature.

Solo float in my toon
Sugar Pines near a special run
Fall steelhead that succumbed to my foam skater
My Happy Place

My 74' Bronco along the North Umqpua

Small coastal stream after a winter storm


  1. Todd, reading this post is like me starring into a mirror. Thank you for posting this my brother, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Blessings.

  2. Thanks Mike. Glad that you can relate tot he Joy of being alone in God's creation.

  3. By the way .... that '74 Bronco is way cool !!

  4. Thanks Mike, didn't know you were a fan of old Broncos. I just love my Classic Bronco and would never sell it. People keep asking me if I'd sell my baby so sometimes I feel like I need to keep a sign on it that says "NO, I'm not for sale"!! I just got her running right with a rebuilt Holly 4160 carburetor so life is good.

  5. I can relate with the "mental balance".

    I love the shot of the Bronco next to the North.

    But I hate to break your calm of solitude...see you on the river soon, buddy (now if I can only get Mr Papais to join us, we can have a proper fishing excursion)

  6. Yes Adrian, mental balance is important. Looking forward to having a break from my solitary trips this week, I look forward to talking to someone besides myself - can't wait to gather with you guys! BTW, I'll be calling you about arrangements, Keith may have a campspot reserved. Also agree, it would be so incredible to gather with our good friend Mike - I can see it - you, Mike, Matt, Josh, and other masters, all gathered at a picnic table at our favorite campground, tying beautiful flies for FFC!!