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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Summer Ramblings

(Posting this retroactively, meant to put this up in mid August, time just flies by)

It is mid August and as I turned 52 yesterday (August 14, 2015), I meditated on the reality of being a middle aged steelheader as I skated beautiful runs with my good friend Keith Tymchuck.  I'm no spring chicken any more, but I thank God for my health and comfortable life that affords me ample opportunities to chase after the mystical steelhead with my chosen methods.  At my age, one starts contemplating the reality that my number of future days on the river are not endless and I gotta pace myself, be safe out on the river, and that I really should watch what I eat and start exercising for Pete's sake!  Well, isn't fishing exercise??  You mean coffee, chips, cookies, and sandwiches are not healthy??  At least I don't smoke...

Breakfast of champions!
Not a healthy fishing diet??

I've also been contemplating the way my fishing has been panning out over the past several months.  Namely, that I haven't put my hands on steelhead slime since November 1, 2014!!  Aside from a couple brief hookups, I was blanked throughout the past winter steelhead season and aside from a couple brief hookups in June, I've been blanked thus far for the summer season.  Pretty grim huh??

I'm not sure what's going on with the extra long dry spell I'm in the midst of - maybe God is trying to get a  message across to me like "time to seek a better balance in life, bonehead".  True, I do get a "little" obsessive about steelheading where things go by the wayside, like the wood gates that need to be rebuilt ("I'll get right to that, honey!"), not to mention other things that go with being a responsible adult.

Another lesson that God may be teaching me is about contentment.  Who in their right mind would consider chasing steelhead while rigidly adhering to certain methods, without success for so long??  I'm reminded that Jesus assures that His Grace is sufficient and this applies to fishing and life (fishing is life though, right?).

When I am out on the river, the beauty of His creation is always enough.  The fellowship of great friends is always enough and the blessing of having the opportunity to get out regularly is always enough.  I believe that is why I keep doing what I am doing even when my efforts continue to draw a blank.

I keep the faith, knowing that what I am doing has produced steelhead in the past and the flies I tie have drawn steelhead to the top in the past and several of the places I fish have produced memorable steelhead rises in the past.

My Newest and Favorite Color Combo:  Chartruese and Purple

A Day in the Life..........

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