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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Skater Of The Month - May 2016 - Green Butt Skunk version

Green Butt Wangs, sizes 6 and 8 sitting atop a newly acquired Hardy St. John (ebay therapy)

When I first started tying my skater design, I started off with a yellow stimulator themed version and then began pondering other color options.  Not surprisingly, the colors of the green butt skunk came to mind and when I began tying my skater in these colors, I experienced almost instant success with the pattern.  The pattern was further refined by using red cactus chenielle in the abdomen and red Krystal flash behind the wings and over the tail.  The pink shellback/lip is not a typical color on a GBS, but I tried it on a whim and it provides a good contrast with the rest of the dark fly so I've stuck with it.

Just goes to show, one can't go wrong with a little GBS DNA in a fly pattern.


  1. Hey todd
    I met you on the NU last fall, below Copeland creek you gave me a couple of your wang flies, I really like the way they fish. Any way I can buy a few more from you? gearing up for summer chrome, yeeha!

  2. Sure, email me at