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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Waker Of The Month - August 2016 - The Midnight Special

The Midnight Special is my latest color blend with my common pattern platform
I kept looking at the black cactus chenielle at my local shop and finally decided to buy some and create yet another color blend for my crazy fly.  I thought that including some purple would set off the black cactus chenielle nicely.

Frank Amato's Night Dancer came to mind so I ended up including purple cow elk wings, red Krystal flash in the tail and black Krystal flash behind the wing.  I couldn't resist adding a green butt as well.

This color blend brought steelhead to the top in short order.  I raised a local steelhead to the top the day after I tied my first rendition of the Midnight Special and I just raised several more this weekend on a more famous river to the south.

Unfortunately, the steelhead I have encountered have continued to be Teflon mouthed one timers.  Luckily, I am happy enough whenever I can bring steelhead to the surface,  regardless of whether I hook them.

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