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Monday, December 4, 2017

Skater Of The Month For December 2017 - Tweaks

For past couple months, I have experimented with "tweaks" to a couple of my existing color blends.  In the top photo, I took the all black Ninja and added a red butt and green flash and green rib.  I like how the red and green provides a nice contrast with the black fly.  I have fished this fly a few times with only trout rises thus far.  Further testing with fish present is needed.

In the middle photo, I added a green butt to the Ninja as I visioned Kaufmann's "coal car" wet fly that is all black with the green butt the only point of contrast.  This version of the Ninja accounted for the one hookup I got on my BC trip this fall, and the one local steelhead I landed in September.

In the bottom photo, I took the natural/purple/green wang that I called the Royal Green and added an orange butt and purple UV flash.  The orange butt and purple flash adds a pop factor the the natural hued fly that appeals to my eye.  No approval from steelhead yet.  Hopefully field testing next year will give this fly some much needed validation.

Winter steelhead season is now upon us and I have officially gotten  my big irons and other subsurface dry line winter flies out.  I took my first winter steelhead trip on 12/1 and while no steel like tugs were encountered, it felt good to be back in my winter playgrounds.  Of course when mild winter condtions are encountered, I will still give the floaters a try.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas.  May chrome gifts appear when you are out on the rivers.

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